Smart Pizza Delivery

We make pizza taste better than ever through innovation, deep digital integration and automation. Dodo Pizza is a modern delivery-oriented pizza brand, at the core of which is our own ground-baking cloud-dwelling ERP software. It coordinates processes and optimises resources. The result is a fully transparent streamlined business system with a powerful competitive edge. Dodo Pizza franchises and corporate-owned stores operate in Russia, Romania, China, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, United States and the UK.

Transparency and openness make up the foundation of our business philosophy. And we seek to partner with those who share our values. This website is about the Dodo Pizza franchising opportunity. Interested parties are welcome to send inquiries to For our up-to-date store count and system-wide financial results, as well as the monthly sales of every pizzeria and Dodo CEO's blog, check out our website at

Please note that we are not offering franchising in the USA at the moment.

Our Competitive Advantage: Dodo IS

Dodo IS is a cloud-based system of applications that we developed to enhance efficiency and performance of pizza delivery. It collects and processes operations data, reports real-time business analytics on multiple levels, helps kitchen and delivery staff to be more efficient. The extent of its integration with the business is unprecedented in the industry.

Think of all the decisions that need to be made on a daily basis when operating a restaurant. And now think of how much uncertainty, guesswork, bias or distorted information is behind almost every restaurant management routine. The best business decisions are grounded in full and accurate perception of reality. This is where Dodo IS is breaking new ground. It makes every decision much more informed and by extension much more effective in reaching business objectives.

Real-time Dodo Pizza store count

Production Management in the Kitchen

Customers place orders on the website, over the phone or at the restaurant service counter. These orders immediately appear on the tablets at the start of the kitchen assembly line.

Dough table and assembly line

A pizzamaker knows what to prepare and in what order. The timer displays preparation times and motivates to work faster.


The system helps the delivery cashier pack the order. Product is inspected and, if approved, dispatched for delivery. If a defect is found, the cashier taps on the screen to write off and the order appears on the tablet at the beginning of the line again.

The delivery POS

The delivery register operator assigns orders to drivers. The system prints the receipt and packing list automatically. Dodo IS interface conveniently displays the order status, shows whether it includes desserts or beverages, the delivery address, how much time remains before the deadline. Just in case, the driver’s contact information is right there, so if there is a problem the restaurant manager can quickly call and verify the status.

Hiring, scheduling and payroll


The hiring manager receives applications, reviews them, invites prospects to be interviewed and monitors performance- all in a single interface in Dodo IS.


An employee enters her or his availability schedule into the system. Based on this information, the store manager will assign hours in shifts.

Scheduling shifts

Dodo IS performs statistical analysis, based on previous sales data, and forecasts work intensity. That way, the manager knows when to schedule more people and when - less. Employees can check their confirmed work schedules and positions. If for some reason they can’t work on a given day, the system will help find a replacement.

Entering a shift

A shift supervisor admits and dismisses staff to and from the shift in the respective interface in the system. There are buttons to send people to and admit them from their staff breaks. This ensures that an employee’s work time is fully accounted for. Staff payments are calculated automatically.


Staff wages are calculated automatically. Special coefficients can be set up in the system for calculating holiday and overtime premiums etc.

Preparation speed

The line staff monitor their performance on motivation screens. They see how many pizzas were made on time and how many took longer. The game-like interface actually motivates to work better and faster.

Delivery games

Dodo IS rates drivers on delivery speed. They compete for top positions in the ratings and set records. The best performers and record holders are awarded playful honorary titles like “the mayor” etc.

Inventory management

Inventory and stock management

How much exactly of each ingredient is currently in stock? The store manager knows immediately because inventories are performed on tablets through a special Dodo IS inventory interface.


Consumption of each supply is completely traceable. The system know how much of what has been used to make pizzas, snacks or written off for any specific day or period.


Spoilage and production mistakes result in write-offs. What was written off and how much, for what reason and who performed the write-off. Instant access to relevant and accurate data enables optimisation.


Launching promotions

Promotions can be local or national. An administrator can create new promotions from scratch in the system’s promotion-builder or simply select among the ones already in the system. After setting up a new promotion in Dodo IS an administrator can either launch it manually or schedule start and end dates so it launches and ends autonomously.

Menu boards

Once a promotion has been activated, every POS terminal and every menu board panel in the restaurant “knows” about it, and so do the website and the call-center. Promo images and territory-relevant prices will show up on the restaurant screens and on the website.

Loyalty programme

Loyal customers invite their friends to Dodo Pizza and receive bonus points. Dodo IS runs referral and customer loyalty programmes integrated with the website and social media.

Store Formats

The Dodo Pizza franchise is currently offered in three standard formats. Each has been designed to best suit a particular retail environment. Defined by sets of features, the formats help maintain brand consistency and ensure best practices. The formats are outlined to minute detail. But implementation normally requires at least some degree of localization, adaptation and fine-tuning. This is especially true for launching in new territories.

Basic: Restaurant and Delivery

This is a fast casual pizzeria that also functions as delivery and takeout. Delivery is a major sales channel accounting for roughly 60% of revenue. It operates within specially designated delivery zones.

The restaurant does not engage waiting staff. Dine-in and takeout orders are placed at the counter and served via notification boards at the pick-up counter. Pizza is served in boxes, while other items, including snacks, drinks and desserts — in disposable dishware / packaging on trays.

Cozy contemporary interior design with natural materials, subdued lighting and brand signage. We put particular emphasis on friendly customer service and immaculate sanitation. Tables are cleaned no later than 2 minutes after customers have left; bathrooms are inspected and cleaned every 20 minutes.

Full Dodo Pizza menu, including pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, side dishes, soft drinks, desserts, milkshakes, coffee, tea etc.

Delivery operates through a separate entrance and does not in any way interfere with restaurant service. Delivery orders are placed either over the phone, through Dodo Pizza website or mobile app.


Dodo Express is a format designed specifically for food courts. There is no delivery. The menu is limited.

Orders are placed at the counter. And when an order is ready for pick up, the customer’s name appears on a notification board.

As in Dodo Basic, no dishware is used for serving, only pizza in boxes and everything else in takeaway-friendly packaging and on trays.

A special feature of this format: the kitchen is fully exposed. Customers can watch their order being prepared.

Dodo Pizza & Coffee

This is the most recently introduced format. Intended for locations where customers are not necessarily interested in sitting down for a full meal but would rather have a quick bite with a coffee and move on. Ideal for locations with high pedestrian traffic. Fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza is offered for up to 60 minutes by slice. If not sold within 60 minutes, slices are written-off. This ensures that the product is always fresh.

The concept: fresh pizza by slice plus coffee to go.

  • accommodates smaller budgets
  • only three most popular pizzas + snacks and desserts
  • fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza cut into slices and offered for up to 60 minutes.
  • stylish interior with big windows and wood stand-up tables
  • fully automated kitchen management: the system learns to forecast customer traffic and automatically sends pizza into production at statistically estimated intervals.

Franchising - Partner Relations

We provide a working business model, carefully customized for case-specific market conditions, and systematic support to enable growth and ensure consistency of high-quality customer experience.

Scalable Model

First of all, each Dodo Pizza franchisee is supplied with our exclusive technology that produces consistently delicious pizza and guarantees delivery to customers in the shortest possible span of time, when it’s still hot. Surrounding the core product, extending and supporting it, is a complete set of SOPs, marketing strategies, concept dining environment and everything else to replicate the unique and distinct brand experience.

The Complete Digital Infrastructure

Every Dodo Pizza franchisee is in full control of operations via Dodo IS, a sophisticated online management tool of extraordinary functionality and user-friendlinesss. There are no additional charges for licensing or installation. Our team of in-house Dodo IS developers is always at your disposal for technical support and troubleshooting.


Before opening his or her first Dodo Pizza each new franchisee is required to complete a one month training program at the Dodo Pizza Training Center. We teach you everything you need to know about building and growing a successful pizza business, help you write a detailed viable business plan and become an effective manager.

The one-month training in Syktyvkar is really quite enjoyable. You not only get to learn sales-driving techniques from our instructors but also fully experience the Dodo world at our corporate headquarters on a daily basis. Besides teaching theory, management and marketing, we conduct shift training at the training center's own stor where you get to practice literally everything: from washing dishes and mopping floors to making night deliveries.

Knowledge Base

For instant access to any relevant reference materials we run an online Knowledge Base where we publish news, updates and store comprehensive detailed descriptions of every aspect of planning, opening and running a Dodo Pizza: organizing and maintaining a kitchen, cleaning and sanitation, handling ingredients, recipe cards, customer interaction scripts, managing supplies, handling equipment, personnel hygiene and appearance etc. The Knowledge Base contains all operational document templates, marketing materials as well as thematically grouped articles with clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations of Dodo Pizza SOPs.


Dodo Pizza has a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns. Perhaps, our most publicised campaign was the first ever genuine commercial pizza delivery by drone, which was extensively covered in various Russian and international media...

We know, which marketing strategies work best with our products and we pass this expertise on to our franchisees. The franchisee training program includes a marketing course that covers effective marketing techniques in depth.

Before opening a new unit we, together with each partner, draw a detailed marketing plan. It must to some extent conform to our general marketing method while at the same time be accommodating of situation-specific objectives and constraints.

We take full advantage of conventional marketing techniques: promo offers, seasonal products, gifts etc. Live streams from every Dodo kitchen as well as pizza workshops and kitchen tours also act as extremely effective marketing instruments. The Knowledge Base contains over 1000 mock-ups, flyers, brochures, posters, advertising screens and banners. And a marketing campaign is quite effortlessly set-up, configured, activated and stopped through Dodo IS. So store administrators can either take advantage of already pre-set-up campaigns and/or conduct their own local marketing campaigns, create and upload their own content, the best of which gets added to the system-wide marketing catalogue.

Quality-oriented Supply Chain

Great-tasting pizza is made with great ingredients. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that our franchisees work only with high-quality food supplies and top-of-the-line equipment. We have established lasting relations with a number of proven national and international suppliers that meet our high standards.

In order to maintain consistency, uniformity of taste and optimise processes, we devote substantial efforts towards simplifying and eliminating variation in the supply chain. Certainly, finding the right country-wide supplier, especially when starting small in a new market, often takes time. In such instances, we work out temporary win-win solutions together with our franchisees.

Pizzeria space assessment, kitchen layout and interior design

We help our partners find the right location and map their delivery zone. Choosing the right space is essential and our experts will evaluate prospective properties and ensure that a franchisee chooses the one with the most potential.

Dodo Pizza provides complete store design layout for an approved space where everything from plumbing and table placement down to the last electric outlet is carefully planned. We provide assistance and consulting on construction, legal matters, sanitation requirements, electricity, equipment, heating, ventilation, exterior advertising signs etc.

Dodo Pizza project in Oxford, USA

Quality Control

We make sure that our standards of quality are followed uniformly throughout the chain. This is accomplished by constantly monitoring and assessing products and customer service in every single store. Live webcams in the kitchens and kitchen tours for customers help promote high standards. But we go much further.

Dodo Pizza runs an unprecedented quality control program. Every store is assessed 8 times per month by “secret buyers” recruited from among ordinary customers, They place orders, eat pizza, take pictures and then fill out a detailed questionnaire, designed to objectively assess quality of product and compliance with company standards. Additional full store inspections are conducted by appointed individuals twice a month.

The reports are then processed by Dodo Controlling, the Dodo Pizza quality control department, and compiled into weekly quality ratings. Past the 6 month start-up period, a franchisee that maintains an average quality record of 85% or more for twelve consecutive weeks is allowed to open additional units. While, stores that consistently fail to meet our minimum quality requirements run the risk of being withdrawn from the chain.

Feedback and Communication

Dodo Pizza is a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to start and grow a business with proven market value. Our franchisees are all part of the Dodo Pizza community and not just in a symbolic or formal sense. Working closely with our partners is crucial and we have developed a number of effective communication channels for sharing feedback, providing support, exchanging information, open discussions within the community etc. Only by fully committing to working in close collaboration with partners have we managed to sustain growth.

What We Look For

Instead of promising quick profits, we propose mutually beneficial long-term collaboration on fair terms. We need like-minded people, not funding.


Working with like-minded people is key to our partnering approach. We want to build a truly transnational restaurant and delivery chain of the future by fostering mutually beneficial partner relations with individuals and teams that share our values and passion.

Personal Participation

Growth in this business is not possible without a substantial degree of personal involvement of the franchisee. Our franchise is certainly not for you if you simply want to invest and never see a kitchen. Dodo Pizza franchisees personally monitor metrics, inspect kitchens, interact with customers and generally keep their hands on the pulse of things. Without thinking twice, a franchisee must be ready to change into a cashier’s uniform and serve a line of customers.

Dodo Pizza CEO Fedor Ovchinnikov making pizza

Business Transparency - Core Value

We believe that total openness makes us better. A major axiom of the Dodo Pizza corporate identity is absolute honesty with colleagues, partners and customers.

We show monthly sales of every store. The corporate-owned chain and some franchisees have chosen to go a step further and started posting monthly P&L reports online. Here are our corporate-owned chain P&Ls for 2017: Syktyvkar, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

We show the customers our kitchen, literally and metaphorically: besides the live video streams from every Dodo kitchen, each Dodo Pizza offers free kitchen tours where guests can see everything for themselves, learn more about our processes, our challenges and how we overcome them.

Meet Our Partners

Sergui Bolocan, 31
Brasov, Romania

In 2013, with two successful businesses in operation, Sergiu Bolocan was searching for new opportunities. That’s when he stumbled upon “Nerds do business, too”, a book about the new generation of Russian entrepreneurs where Fedor Ovchinnikov’s bookstore chain story was the main focus. This drew Sergiu’s attention to Fedor’s newest project, Dodo Pizza.

"Fedor’s approach to the new business seemed very interesting and right to follow, because it combines classic business principles with the benefits of IT in a way that gives more control over everything that happens. Another important feature — it’s a mass market retail business, with a huge potential of growth.

I wrote an email about a possibility of opening a pizza store in Romania but my proposal was rejected, due to the fact that the franchise was not ready for international market. But I flew to Russia, joined Dodo Pizza’s crew and after one year of learning, searching, building we opened the first location in Romania, in the city of Brasov."

Today Bolocan has two Dodo Pizzas in Brasov: one Basic and one Express. He is planning to open a third one soon.

Denis Grinev
Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don, Russia

"In summer 2013 when I have decided to quit my career as a Sales Director of Henkel Ukraine, Dodo Pizza was number one in my short list of future opportunities.

Dodo IS, unique culture, ambitious goals and transparent approach towards everything they do in Dodo Pizza determined my final choice.

Now it’s 2015, I have three Dodo Pizza restaurants and one more is coming soon.

But some things do not change , and I appreciate it greatly: passion, fairness, and partnership approach. That’s why we are on board. Keep moving!"

Alexander Strib
Klaipeda, Lithuania

An accomplished software developer, Alexander Strib worked at OpenTable UK when he came across Dodo Pizza founder’s blog “Sila Uma” ("power of the intellect" in Russian) and started reading it. The blog resonated strongly with Alexander and he decided that Dodo Pizza is something that he would be interested in being a part of.

Already at that time Strib was contemplating opening his own Dodo Pizza somewhere in Europe. But the franchise was not ready for export so he ended up working with our IT team as a software developer. He personally participated in development of Dodo IS, which he would later be using at his pizzeria in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Today, Alexander is our first franchisee in Lithuania.

“Together with the rest of the company, I worked for about 1 year to perfect Dodo IS. So I have a very good understanding of its’ nature and immense potential. Moreover, I know the people behind the product. They are a great dedicated team of talented individuals. Dodo Pizza is my first franchisee experience so I can’t really compare it to whatever else there is on the market. I can only say that I am still overwhelmed by thoroughness and meticulousness of their approach. So for me it’s not just a great product but also an exemplary business relationship that also transcends formality. But strictly in practical terms, well, Dodo Pizza franchise is the complete package where not a single detail has been overlooked.”

The Company

Dodo Pizza was founded in 2011 in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic by an acclaimed blogger / innovative entrepreneur Fedor Ovchinnikov. He had initially caught the eye of Russian business community by essentially turning his personal blog into a reality show about starting and running a bookstore chain. Subsequently, Ovchinnikov turned his attention to fast food and started Dodo Pizza.

He launched the brand with a single delivery-only pizza store. Shortly after, he chose to steer towards an IT-oriented concept that would revitalise the currently prevalent but outdated pizza delivery model through introducing a modern IT solution, fully integrated with every production and administration process of a working business.

Since 2013 we offer our franchise and help entrepreneurs grow their own pizza business under our brand. Our plans are very ambitious: a worldwide chain of 2,500 franchise and corporate-owned stores in 2020 and eventually, an IPO.

Dodo Pizza’s “Plan 2020” projected store count.

Our innovative concept and creative marketing garner a lot of interest from media and audiences worldwide. In June 2015, Dodo Pizza became the subject of the cover story in the industry’s leading publication US-based PMQ Pizza Magazine. The founder and CEO, Fedor Ovchinnikov, regularly speaks at business forums and appears in TV interviews. Two books have been written about him and his unique approach to entrepreneurship.

The first ever genuine commercial pizza delivery by drone performed by Dodo Pizza in 2014 received extensive global media coverage.

In 2018, we are an international restaurant chain represented by over 300 stores across 10 countries, including China, US and the UK.

 — already operating
 — opening soon